What is the Invader League?


WAR! As the battle continues, new factions appear to join in the growing conflict. The INVADER LEAGUE expands to include the Separatists and the Clone army. Only time will tell if these additions swing the balance towards victory or deafeat. Choose your side and prepare to fight! 


The Invader League is a free Star Wars: Legion Tournament, played through the Star Wars Legion Tabletop Simulator Mod. Participants play a series of 5 Round Robin games, followed by a Single Elimination bracket for the top two players from each group. The games are on pre-determined maps, with Battle Cards chosen by the players before each match. All games are at the 800 point value, and armies feature currently available units, as well as unreleased units. Each Invader League season takes about two months to complete. Prizes are given to the top players, which are generously donated by Legion Community Members.


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