Season 3 Single Elimination Lists

All 32 of the Invader League single elimination lists can be found here, ordered by seed

Seed Player Faction Army List
1 Xiconia Imperial I forgot to give TP an army name
2 Nashjaee Rebel I too did not give TP an army name
3 Ellis Rebel Have you seen my Taun Taun?
4 Garnanana Imperial It's Gar nah nah nah... NOT Gar nan na na
5 DarthDePinto Imperial I will make it legal
6 Orkimedes Imperial Definitely not traitors
7 Breadwizard Imperial Bread Battalion
8 Finn Imperial Imperial Awesomeness
9 Hoffburger Imperial ROLLY BOIS!
10 Ripasmaster Rebel Serelepes
11 Earnan Imperial Earnan's Enforcers
12 AG Imperial Ensuring command
13 Mbweha Imperial Mbweha's Gambit
14 TowerNumberNine Rebel Yup, Rebels it is...
15 Stevens Imperial Stevens' Sloppy Stormtroopers
16 DrRizzle Rebel Rise Up With Fists!
17 Nicky Myland Imperial Tauntauns are op
18 whokickmydog Imperial Suppressor, I Hardly Knew Her
19 Bushfacts Rebel Men of the Bush
20 Beefcake Imperial The Beefiest of Cakes
21 Spoosh Imperial Bad Boys
22 Archeo Rebel Guerrilha de Terra Branca
23 Thomas Imperial I Flipped A Coin And It Came Up Imperial
24 Darqueling Imperial Old Line Garrison
25 Oscuban Rebel Laserman's Commandos
26 Starscream Imperial The Decepticon's
27 Hunstman Imperial Bounty Hunters Inc
28 Screwtape Imperial War Eagles
29 Chapliyn Rebel Wranglers of Rancors
30 Endless Rebel Flames of Sullust
31 LukeCook Imperial Imperials Do It Betterrrr
32 DeadmeatXJ Rebel Dead's Division

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