Battle Lines - SW Legion TTS Map Making Competition

Before the first blaster is fired, a battle can be lost or won without a commander’s expert understanding of the lay of the land. So before the inevitable clash of metal and wills, lay down the barricades and erect your defence, the battle lines are drawn!

Battle Lines is a map making competition for SW Legion TTS mod to introduce players to map making and modding. It serves as a alternative to competitive play and allows players to engage their creativity with the Star Wars Legion Miniatures Game. This is a casual and fun competition that encourages players to create maps that are the most tactically complex, visually stunning or just plain fun to play in.

Creating maps to use in the SW Legion TTS mod is both fun and easy, all the tools you need to create your own map is available in the mod itself. You can learn how to create and upload your own map here: Star Wars Legion TTS Mod Map Making Tutorial

Battle Lines is proudly sponsored by Imperial Terrain, Dan Wulf Games, TheTerrainStudio and Corvus Games Terrain



10 Feb: Map Making Competition Start.
10 March: Map Submission deadline. Judging starts.
13 March: Top Maps revealed. Voting Starts
20 March: Voting Ends
21 March: Winners Announced.



1st - $25 Dan Wulf Games Gift Card, Custom area terrain co designed with Shawn Morris of TheTerrainStudio
2nd - $25 Imperial Terrain Gift Card


1st - $50 Dan Wulf Games Gift Card, Custom area terrain co designed with Shawn Morris of TheTerrainStudio, Winner’s Map to be used for Invader League Season 3
2nd - $25 Imperial Terrain Gift Card, $25 discount code for Corvus Games Terrain
3rd - $25 Dan Wulf Games Gift Card
4th - $25 Imperial Terrain Gift Card


There is no need to register. Simply make your map, save it to a data cartridge and upload just the data cartridge to the workshop.

Then name your workshop and send tieren a link on discord to the workshop with the category that you are submitting it for. It should be uploaded shortly. Maps will be added to the mod as soon as your submit so that the community can play and experiment with the map. You can submit any number of maps to each category, but you cannot submit one map to both categories.

When submitting a link to your workshop to Tieren, you can include up to 5 creative screenshots showing your map in action with troops from various angles. Feel free to photoshop the screenshots, you're welcome to add laser fire, flames, and titles!

You can also add a short description under 200 words explaining your map too.



Maps will be judged with a heavier emphasis on tactical gameplay. All maps should follow the competitive terrain placement rules found in the RRG page . Maps should have a good balance of hard and light cover terrain, los blocking and difficult terrain as well. Map makers however are free to tweak this balance according to what they feel is tactically interesting.

The winning map will be added to the map pool in Invader League Season 3

Competitive category judging breakdown:

Tactical 45
Aesthetic 30
Fun 20
Cleanliness 5


This category emphasis more on thematic and aesthetic maps. Wanna recreate the battle of hoth? Or completely new one from your own imagination. This is the chance to go batshit crazy, the sky's the limit. You will not need to follow the competitive terrain placement rules from the RRG.

Creative category judging breakdown:

Aesthetics 35
Fun: 30
Tactical 25
Cleanliness 5


AESTHETICS: This criteria focuses on how visual interesting the map is

Thematic Storytelling: We want maps that tell a story about the battlefield that is being fought on. Is this an ATAT graveyard, a Sith temple with priceless Artifact in the center, or an ewok concentration camp? Make us wonder about the crazy battles that might have taken place on this battlefield. 

Visual Interest: Maps will be awarded for the visual aspects like composition, choice of terrain piece usage and Color design. The map should look pretty!

Original Terrain Pieces: While not required, there will be bonus points awarded for map makers that either create or source for new terrain that is not already in the mod. This terrain can be from other TTS workshops, imported from elsewhere from the internet, or original pieces made entirely from scratch. If you do use terrain models that is not your own, please seek permission from the original owner and credit the owner in the terrain’s description.

 TACTICAL: This judging criteria looks at how tactically interesting a map is

Choices: If a map has obvious strong locations, every game on the same map would involve identical decisions that have players taking the same avenue of Attack or holding the same position. a good tactical map provides different choices that are available to players, that players of different skill levels will take. For example, a corridor to the center would provide the most direct route, but offer little cover, whereas a flanking route offers better cover but would take longer. Or maybe one position offers heavy cover, but is vulnerable to flanking, whereas another position is more impervious to flanking, but has difficult to move out of.

Balance: The balance of a map is not about making the map perfectly symmetrical, rather, it is about having similar number of strong and weak positions available to each player for the different deployment zones. If you make asymmetrical maps, consider how different positions available to each side would affect different lists. How would you balance one side with more LOS blocking terrain, that gives more cover to units like snow troopers or fleet troopers to use on approach, versus another side that might have more barricades to benefits stormtroopers with DLTs?

Terrain Variety: How would you choose terrain the promotes dynamic play considerations? Find a good balance of LOS blocking terrain, hard and light cover, and difficult terrain that allows different lists to engage with. For example, a map with all hard cover would render Low Profile on units useless. Its okay for a map to favour one type of list over the other, but good terrain variety will allow most lists to find ways to exploit.

Terrain Placement: Consider how your terrain placement will be affected by different deployment and Objective cards. if all your barricades, are faced horizontally along the long edge of the battlefield for "Battle Lines", then the map would provide little to no cover for games like "Long March". Place your terrain so that all deployment and objective cards will be viable on your map.

FUN: This judging criteria looks at how much you want to play on the map

Coolness: This is simply how much you are itching to play on the map! The map might completely imbalanced, or ugly as hell, but if it makes you want to play on it, then it will receive a high score for this criteria.

Originality: your map scores bonus points if it’s an original idea! Show us something new and crazy!

CLEANILESS: This criteria deals with how bug free a map is

Clarity: A good map should be able to have players know exactly how different terrain pieces work easily. If you use your own custom terrain, make sure people know things like what cover it is, height, or whether it is impassable, clear or difficult terrain.

Colliders: Most of the existing terrain pieces in the mod should have suitable colliders now. If you are using a custom terrain piece, make sure that it has a suitable collider for troops to interact with. Make sure all the terrain is locked. This goes for multiple state objects too, ensure that all objects are locked.


After the creating period has ended, The judges will grade each map according to the judging criteria. The Top few maps of each category will be picked and there will be a week of voting for the maps. The voting results will only be revealed at the end of the voting week. At the end of voting, the map with the most audience votes will be declared the winner, followed by the map with the 2nd most number of votes and so on.

A person can only win one prize per category - i.e. a person can win a prize in creative and competitive category each, but cannot win 2 or more prizes in the same category.


Anyone can vote on the maps, just make sure you enter a legal discord name to enter. After Judges have picked the top maps, audience can vote for their favourite maps on discord.


Competitive - Talkpolite, Kingsley, Tieren
Creative - (Imperial Terrain), Shawn Morris (TheTerrainStudio), Dan (Dan Wulf Games), Steve O’Boyle (Corvus Games Terrain)


Information here is subjected to change at the organiser’s discretion.