Battle Lines Map Competition for Season 6

Hello again!

In anticipation of Invader League Season 6, we figured it was time to bring back the Battle Lines map making competition.

What is Battle Lines?
Battle Lines was created to deepen the available TTS map pool and challenge the community to create themed maps for our beloved Legion mod. Players will submit maps that they have created and be judged by a panel of experts, as well as the Legion Discord Community. Winners will be included in the upcoming Invader League Map pool!

What is the Schedule for the Competition?
1st of December: Battle Lines begins

20th of December: Submission Deadline

21st of December - 31st: Community Voting

1st of January - 9th of Jan: Judge Voting

10th of January: Winners Announced

What should I focus on?
Submissions should focus on Competitive over Thematic. Although theme will be scored, please focus on creating a table that is technically sound. Maps will be judged on function, so your map should be free of inconsistencies and errors. Consider Deployment, Condition, and Objective Card placement. We will be posting a "Rubric" by the 1st of December, but See the included guides for some early guidance in the meantime.

What are the prizes?
1st Place: $50 Gift card (Sponsored by Turn Zero)
2nd Place: $25 Gift card (Sponsored by Legion Terrain)
3rd Place: $15 Gift card (Sponsored by Team Relentless)
Legion Terrain Favorite: $25 Legion Terrain Gift card

What should I use to guide my map making?
LTC Terrain Building:
Map Building:

How do I submit my map?
Simply make your map, save it to a data cartridge and upload just the data cartridge to the workshop. Then name your workshop and fill out the following form:
Maps will be added to a battle lines map pack so that the community can play and experiment with the map!

Be on the look out for a rubric in the near future.
This is online (Table Top Simulator) only!
You must be a member of the Legion Discord to submit (