Season 6 Tentative Information!

Hello There!

Season 6 is fast approaching, and it promises to be the biggest and best event the league has ever seen. Below you can find our tentative dates for the season.


Tentative Dates:

  • Sign Ups - January 4th -14th 2021
  • Groups Revealed / Discord’s Populated - January 15th
  • League Begins - January 18th to March 1st
  • Single Elim Bracket Finalized and List turn in - March 2nd - 7th
  • Single Elim Phase - March 8th - April 4th
  • Catch up / Finals Week - April 5th - 12th

Season 6 should once again consist of 22 US Groups, 6 EU Groups, and 4 AS Groups. Factions and Lists will be unlocked, as well as several other small changes to the format and rules.

More information will be released soon!